AIDAnova RockBox
Rock Thunderstorm on the High Seas
We Turn Night into Day in Style
The Rock Box on deck 7 of the AIDAnova is completely new, and above all, different. It is reminiscent of a rock bar in the Hamburg district of St. Pauli and has hits from Guns n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple in its repertoire, instead of the fox-trot beats expected on cruise ships. Amptown System Company has equipped the room with excellent lighting and sound technology, which achieves the desired ambience in a highly visible way.

Even the entrance stands out from the usual bars on ships. Through a tunnel of loudspeakers, you enter the room, which simulates a casual pub with brick walls, dark furniture, and trusses on the ceiling. The focus of the room is clearly on the stage. Countless spotlights and LEDs put the live band in the right light. The pub is flanked by a spacious bar that leaves nothing to be desired.

The lighting design often relies on PAR cans and ACL blinders, which have an analog look but are equipped with LED lamps to match the energy-saving concept of AIDA and provide a rocking light.

The sound system in the Rock Box Bar is placed classically left and right of the stage. The powerful point source and bass loudspeakers were deliberately not integrated invisibly as is otherwise the case in the interior design of the AIDAnova. Here, they are clearly visible and thus contribute to the special atmosphere of the Rock Box.