AIDAnova TimeMachine
Time Travel with Light Swell
We Make Every Meal an Experience
With 17 restaurants and 23 bars, the AIDAnova offers a culinary variety that is unrivaled on ships. New in the entertainment concept is the Time Machine Restaurant. While the waiters serve a delicious three-course menu, everything rotates and moves in the room. For this project, Amptown System Company put all its know-how and skills into the system integration of the video and control technology to provide guests with a fantastic dinner adventure.

Visitors can expect a steampunk dream world, realized by AIDA Cruises in cooperation with Leisure Expert Group, with impressive attention to detail. In the middle of the room, there is a height-adjustable revolving stage. QSC speakers are installed above the podium and QSC subwoofers hidden in the benches. Displays are installed on the walls and ceiling of the restaurant, giving the room its extraordinary ambience. The facedown application of the screens is a special challenge, even more so due to the vibrations of the ship. All screens are secured to the walls and ceiling with special constructions from ASC. The technology installed in the room and prepared by ASC can be operated without specially trained personnel. A complex control system automatically synchronizes all electronically controllable events along a timeline. Software solutions from Coolux/Christie Digital Systems, installed on 19″ computers from XI-MACHINES, serve as media servers. The overall control system is supplied by Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG and also integrates bizarre details such as cuckoo clocks, pressure gauges, and rotating gearwheels. The Beckhoff system serves as a translator between the Coolux software and the various sensors and actuators. Due to the complexity of the technology used, the Time Machine Restaurant has its own technical center.