Anthem of the seas
For Showbiz We Walk over Water
State of the Art on the High Seas
Cruise ship and adventure world at the same time. The Anthem of the Seas spoils its 4,000 guests with plenty of highlights. A total of 40 leisure, catering, and entertainment complexes amaze passengers with spectacular Broadway shows and a program that entertains them whenever they feel like it. Royal Caribbean International brought Amptown System Company on board to ensure that the show acts reliably convince with the highest audiovisual quality.

In collaboration with the technical specialist of the shipping company, ASC was responsible for the integration and networking of media and entertainment technology in the 40 entertainment areas. The aim was to amaze the guests of the Anthem of the Seas with sophisticated solutions in audio, light, video, projection, network, and control. The transformative venue Two70, the Royal Theater, the Music Hall, and a particularly complex network technology were the focus of this project. The Two70 reflects the technical creativity of the ASC experts. In order to visually underline the performances of dancers, singers, musicians, and acrobats in the multistory multiplex venue, sun visors are lowered in front of the windows. The so-called “Vistaramas” serve as projection surfaces. Imaginative scenes of a total of 36 by 6 meters can be created. With a special technical solution developed by ASC, the image content can be adapted to the inclination, curvature, and surface of the Vistaramas depending on the circumstances – in real time. “Warping” creates the impression of a reproduction on a flat cinema screen despite an extremely steep projection angle and short distances. The installed equipment also includes six movable 100″ robotic screens. They rotate either individually or together and create the incomparable stage sets in interaction with the Vistaramas.