Bankhaus Metzler Frankfurt

For Self-Sense, Independency, and Responsibility
We Combine Tradition and the Modern World
Bankhaus Metzler is the second-oldest bank in Germany. Its origins go back to the year 1674. In 2014, the head office was moved to a building of its own on the River Main. The private bank’s base now covers around 6,000 square meters over five floors. Here, a modern working environment was created for the 300 employees. Amptown System Company equipped nine conference and meeting rooms with modern, sustainable, and flexible media technology.

One main conference room, which can be divided into two smaller meeting rooms, and two additional meeting rooms were completely equipped with innovative media technology. Following the tradition of the bank, the rooms have a tasteful blend of antique and modern office and conference furniture. The installed media walls each discreetly house an LCD monitor as well as loudspeakers and a video conferencing system; all cables and connections are concealed behind the paneling. Signal management is carried out via a wireless radio system. Preprogrammed functions such as “presentation” and the control of sound and light can be selected via touch panel. The heart of the system is a presentation routing matrix, which was integrated into the media wall as a central signal management and control system. In addition, a wireless gateway has been integrated into the existing network so that users can connect to any display in the room with their own device. For five additional rooms, mobile media carts were equipped with an LCD monitor, a sound bar, and a presentation routing matrix for input and output signals. The dealer area on the ground floor of the new building was also equipped with new media technology components. After completion of the installation, ASC’s services included instruction of the responsible personnel and technical support for the building services, as well as a long-term maintenance and service contract.