Barenboim Said Akademie Berlin
We Present Unique Art in the Right Light
Individuality for an Absolute Novelty
The Barenboim Said Academy is a music academy in the heart of Berlin. The essential element is the Pierre Boulez Hall designed by Frank Gehry. This uniquely designed concert hall offers an atmosphere of communication, listening, and understanding. The Japanese sound artist Yasuhisa Toyota is responsible for the hall acoustics. In addition to the voice alarms and sound reinforcement, Amptown System Company was able to install the stage-management technology and a custom lighting system.

The demanding specification of the voice alarm system was achieved through an innovative combination with stage-management technology. Amptown’s in-house adunas media control system was designed according to the customer’s requirements and, in addition to controlling the intercom system, allows complete system programming of the scenic lighting. Scenes can be created, saved, and specifically recalled via interfaces. Each spotlight can be controlled individually and its tilt angle can be adjusted. adunas can also be used to control building functions and external features.

For the hall and stage lighting, 100% dimming without a jump start is guaranteed. According to strict architectural requirements, special constructions were integrated so that as few lamps as possible are visible in the ceiling. The light sources are located in an accessible channel above the wooden ceiling. All cable runs are discreetly installed inside the wooden boarding to prevent any interference.

Directly above the stage, 79 profile spotlights are used as LED ceiling lighting. To protect the acoustics, they emit their light behind round glass cutouts to provide flicker-free light for video and TV recordings. In an outer circle above the stage as well as under the balcony and in the corridors, at doors and steps, LED lights of the highest quality have been integrated. They are also managed by the adunas media control system.