Berliner Philharmonie
Brilliant Light for the Chamber Music Hall
ASC Makes the Musical Heart of the Capital Shine
The Chamber Music Hall is the architectural and musical little brother of the Berlin Philharmonic Hall designed by the architect Hans Scharoun. Completed in 1987, the concert hall seats 1,180 people. Due to new EU energy directives, the conventional light bulbs used are no longer produced. Amptown System Company was commissioned to find an alternative that would meet the highest demands of the Philharmonic and the orchestras playing in the Chamber Music Hall.

The new solution had to be perfectly dimmable and meet the demanding requirements of the lighting master and the orchestra, as well as reflect the uniqueness of the building. Various lighting simulations were created for the 50 luminaires to be replaced and lighting tests were carried out under real conditions. The particular challenge in the Chamber Music Hall consisted in mechanically fitting the LED heat sink to the existing cylindrical housing and in providing a secure structural connection of steel ropes and existing cables to ensure mechanically reliable pendant mounting above the orchestra. LED luminaires with 108W, 8,000lm and a fixed colour temperature of 3,000K were chosen. The drivers of the luminaires allow the winches used in the hall to continue to be used for the pendants and the LEDs to be dimmed cleanly to 0%. The time frame for the replacement was tight. Thanks to many years of design and development experience, ASC was able to powder-coat lasered metal parts and assemble them in small series within a very short time. The installation took place during the summer break of the hall. During this time, the DMX network was also expanded and the necessary cables and their support systems were installed along with junction boxes for the control electronics. The lighting solution found has already established itself in a wide variety of applications and has also increased the brightness of the orchestra light in the chamber music hall and significantly improved the general lighting situation.