Das Hamburger Ding
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ASC Installs a Unique Media Wall
© Hamburger Ding
The Hamburger Ding is a co(ol)working space with “MeeDing rooms” and event areas in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district. Up to 30 million visitors per year flood the streets of the neighborhood on the world-famous Reeperbahn. In addition to tourists, high-income visitors, partygoers and theater guests are on the move at the “Gateway to the World.” The perfect place for the coolest outdoor advertising space in town. Amptown System Company installed a digital media wall that has never been seen before in Europe. From April 2021, the latest technology for digital outdoor surfaces will shine on the façade of the Hamburger Ding. Leyard’s Zebra SMD series is an LED mesh screen with high transparency, high brightness and high protection level. The LED screen installed in Hamburg offers a pixel pitch of 20 mm, and is particularly suitable for outdoor advertising on building surfaces or roofs and other innovative installations. The 80 m2 wall can be used to display still images in JPG format and mp4 videos in 16:5 format with a resolution of 800 x 250 pixels. The modular system of ultra-thin and light frameless units feature a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Thanks to a brightness of up to 5000 nits and brilliant image quality, the content of the wall is clearly visible even from a distance of more than 20 meters. The IP65 rated LED Screen is all-weather resistant and defies temperatures from -40 ℃ to +60 ℃. Due to the unique transparent design with a high transparency of 55%, the indoor brightness in the rooms behind the wall is less affected. In addition to the installation of the innovative mesh screen, ASC was also responsible for the external content source systems of this mega project. Around 56,000 people will be reached on average per day with this digital media wall. In a predestined location, with one of the highest pedestrian and car frequencies in the city, the Wall will broadcast advertising messages but also info highlights on events such as the Hafengeburtstag, the Reeperbahn Festival and sporting events.