Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Technical Versatility Perfectly Composed
For Elphi We Play on the Claviature of Possibilities
The Elbphilharmonie is one of the most impressive concert halls in the world. Its unusual shape resembles a wave of glass and gives Hamburg a new silhouette. The fact that guests of the Elphi not only enjoy excellent sound, but also have everything in view, is not least due to Amptown System Company. During the decennial construction phase, ASC brought the complex technology to a contemporary level and united the interests of architects, operators, and artists.

Due to the excellent cooperation during the implementation of the scenic lighting, the ASC experts were also responsible for the audiovisual technology. In addition to the assembly, connection, and implementation of lighting, sound, and intercom solutions, ASC supplied state-of-the-art adunas stage management consoles and specially designed displays for visitor information. High-quality halogen spotlights with different beam angles are used for scenic lighting. In the canopy, LED headlights provide high-intensity warm white light. ASC installed the complete power subdistribution and connection of dimmer systems, control systems, and lighting consoles. In the Recital Hall, movable lighting rods were prepared for operation with moving lights; in Kaistudio 1, a permanently mounted traverse allows the installation of spotlights. The displays distributed around the building are installed behind mirrors made of safety glass. They are a special construction from the Amptown manufactory and inform visitors about the route guidance and program of the venue. When it comes to sound, emphasis was put on the pure sound of instruments and voices, which the sound system reproduces perfectly in a mushroom-shaped reflector in the vaulted ceiling. The mobile sound system in the Recital Hall is extremely flexible. Five digital mixing consoles were integrated into the building’s audio infrastructure. As a recognized expert for tailor-made solutions, ASC was able to impress the decision-makers at the Elbphilharmonie.