Euler Hermes Hamburg
Logistical Masterpieces at the World Market Leader
We Accomplish the Digital Transformation
Euler Hermes is the world leader in trade credit insurance. The German branch is based in Hamburg. With an open-space concept and a bright, openly designed working environment for its 1,100 employees, the company focuses on communication and interconnected work across departmental boundaries. Amptown System Company was responsible for the media technology equipment in 70 conference rooms. A logistical masterpiece that had to be completed within a tight time frame and in close coordination with other contract work.
For the conference rooms on the six floors, the specialists had only one week per floor to install the complete conference and media technology. Depending on the size of the “collaboration rooms,” 55″ or 75″ touch screens and a video conferencing system consisting of a camera, hands-free phone system, and remote control are used. Collaboration PCs integrate voice, video, and data for real-time cooperative work. Meeting sessions can be started and ended at the touch of a button. Desk connection panels enable comfortable working. The Campus conference room on the ground floor can be flexibly divided into individual rooms of different sizes. It is equipped with screens, projectors, and sound systems. The required setup can be implemented via contacts in the partition walls. The Euler Hermes collaboration network in a client-server architecture was completely set up and integrated by ASC. It enables interconnected working in the building and from different locations. In addition to the conference technology, Amptown installed digital signage pillars for employee and customer information and 80 digital door signs in the building. The door signs indicate the status of the individual collaboration rooms, which can also be vacated or booked via these signs. The completely wireless infrastructure in the new subsidiary enables Euler Hermes staff to work wirelessly throughout the entire building, including the cafeteria, restaurant, and terrace areas. The company is thus pushing digital transformation even further.