Hager Forum Obernai

Writing History and Shaping the Future
We Set the Stage for a Corporate Culture

The new Hager Forum serves as an education and training center for employees, customers, and partners. It embodies the corporate identity and is the international flagship of the brand. Part of the forum are four innovative exhibition areas, an event area for congresses and conferences, and the “Spark” café, which serves as a meeting point, relaxation area, and working space. Amptown System Company was responsible for the planning, production, and installation as well as the programming of the A/V and lighting technology.

In the Hager Forum’s exhibition areas, intelligent media technology shows the optimal cooperation of all Hager components. The values and facets of the company can be felt on an interpersonal level with the help of ASC’s presentation technology. A complex A/V system solution and control connect the individual PA components with the projection and LED lighting technology to create an educational choreography. The playback technology of the audio signals in an extensive history wall is housed as an isolated solution directly in the structural reconstruction. The Hager Forum’s complete lighting technology has been aesthetically integrated into the architecture, and the sound systems are optically in the background. In addition, ASC has developed and programmed a complex content management system that transfers the corporate and communication content as well as room scenes into a multimedia display. A comfortably equipped technical room serves as the control center for the exhibition areas. For the central transmission of data and video signals from this room, an advanced fiber-optic network is used. The control signals are exchanged bidirectionally between the technical room and the exhibition areas. ASC built the media racks for these rooms in advance, which were installed on-site, equipped with cables and electrical lines, and invisibly networked with the components in the exhibition area.