Hamburgische Staatsoper
In the Dark, Please Only with Light!
ASC Installs adunas System for Working Lights Control
The Hamburgische Staatsoper, also known as the “Opera for the City”, was founded in 1678 by art-loving Hamburg citizens as the first privately run opera house in Germany. During renovation work, executives decided to update the subsidiary console to a state of the art one. Amptown System Company was tasked with quickly installing its own adunas system for controlling the working lights. The specialists at Amptown Leipzig had only 6 weeks to remove the old subsidiary console, install a DMX network and commission the new working lights control. The adunas system in the Hamburgische Staatsoper controls all working lights, from top lights on the stage to those on the bridge or the backstage, as well as additional lighting on ramps, stairs or in the rig-loft. The hall lights on the ceilings and walls and the lights in the orchestra pit are also controlled from the subsidiary console, as are the blue lights and additional electrical circuits. All tasks are operated independently. Control commands are triggered via touch panel PCs with a standardized but freely programmable user interface. Commands are sent to the switching actuators or via DMX to the stage lighting’s dimmers. One of the touch panel PCs is located in the stage management console, one in the lighting control room and one on a rack in the dimmer room. The switching signals and the DMX signal, which is transmitted via EtherCAT, are fed in and evaluated on the adunas system. In the Hamburgische Staatsoper, the main lighting console is able to remotely control the subsidiary console, so the working lights can also be included in scenic lighting during productions. In addition to the dismantling and installation of the lighting system, the inspection, documentation and training of opera employees as well as regular maintenance of the system were included in Amptown’s services.