Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad Köln
From Dip to Dinner
We Merge Monument Protection and Innovation
A face-lift for a historic indoor swimming pool: where people used to take a dip in the past, attractive events are now held. The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad (KWB) in Cologne was renovated and converted into an event restaurant. Amptown System Company in Frankfurt took over the system integration of media technology for this new and redesigned facility. Due to the existing protection of historical monuments and the demands of the architects, the use of permissible materials was a particular challenge.
In the imposing building with its special ambience, the task was to create an acoustic atmosphere that is perceived as outstanding by all guests. The room acoustics for the former swimming pool hall were adapted in such a way that the planned events meet the necessary acoustic requirements. For the conversion of the historic KWB, GRANER+PARTNER engineers planned audio and media technology equipment, which was implemented by ASC with a tailor-made system integration solution. For this purpose, an extensive media infrastructure was permanently integrated into the building structure. This includes state-of-the-art floor tanks with the necessary connections as well as the necessary wiring network. A Q-SYS Core central unit with QSC power amplifiers, a Crestron media control system with intuitive touch panels, a compact Yamaha mixing console, and ELA ceiling speakers are used in the venue. The equipment is complemented by a mobile sound reinforcement system with line source speakers and subwoofers from Fohhn Audio. A digital wireless Shure microphone system, control room, and central technology as well as monitor loudspeakers complete the media technology concept with a powerful Ethernet infrastructure for audio transmission via Dante and video transmission via a Crestron All-over-IP system. Thus, the KWB has a state-of-the-art media technology system solution that meets numerous requirements and is geared toward the future.