kING Ingelheim
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The kING Ingelheim, is a culture and congress hall that clearly stands out from conventional multipurpose venues. With innovative media technology and the electronically variable room acoustics in the Great Hall, the range of possible events is almost endless. Amptown System Company was responsible for integrating the media technology and installing the room acoustics and sound reinforcement systems in the Great Hall and the multifunctional event areas.

Its flexible room design and innovative media and event technology are just two of the many unique selling points of the kING. The outstanding acoustics on an international level make the new venue an all-purpose wonder for events of all kinds. This diversity is achieved by Meyer Sound’s Constellation Acoustic System. With Constellation, the acoustic conditions of a room can be electronically varied at the touch of a button and adapted to the type of event taking place. By combining patented algorithms, advanced digital signal processing, and miniature transducer technology, the system offers a level of flexibility that cannot be achieved by traditional mechanical methods. The interaction between sound reinforcement and room acoustics presented a special challenge that required very careful system integration. Despite the extensive technical equipment, great importance was attached to an intuitive operability of the system. Most control tasks can be carried out via presets on individual graphical user interfaces on touch panels or via a mobile iPad. This also applies to adapting the room acoustics to any requirement. A PA system and a large number of media technology connection points for flexible use complete the equipment of the Great Hall. In addition, Amptown equipped five conference rooms with innovative media technology.