Lufthansa Reisekiosk
Big Cinema in a Small Kiosk
With Technical Know-How We Bring Visions to Life
The Lufthansa ReiseKiosk is a creative out-of-home advertising idea by Kolle Rebbe. Via live stream in a digital kiosk window, passersby communicate with salespeople from all over the world. As a gimmick, it delivers a country-specific sweet or curiosity, handed out from a snack machine. The ReiseKiosk draws attention to Lufthansa’s long-haul destinations and encourages passengers to book an intercontinental flight. Essential for success: the media technology know-how of Amptown System Company.

Lufthansa’s leading agency Kolle Rebbe commissioned ASC to provide media technology equipment for an interactive kiosk. The aim was to provide a custom-fit audio, video, and conference technology that would enable direct communication with strolling pedestrians. The task included media technology planning and the integration of the technical components into the kiosk as well as the purchasing, installation, and maintenance of the equipment, and development of the program that controls the snack bar. A media concept for the ReiseKiosk was developed in close cooperation with Kolle Rebbe and Synthechnics. This includes a high-resolution 98″ UHD LCD display, which delivers razor-sharp images in long-term operation and reproduces the window appearance extremely realistically, as well as the snack machine and control technology. A videoconferencing system ensures the transmission of live pictures of international kiosk salespeople directly to the video wall. Via a camera, outdoor loudspeakers, and microphones, the sales staff involve pedestrians in a holiday conversation and entice them to buy a snack. The video camera and snack machine are controlled by a system configured by ASC. Snacks and souvenirs are stored in a classic spiral snack-vending machine; dispensing is controlled by an app developed by ASC especially for this purpose. In this way, typical local delicacies such as Japanese Ramune wasabi soda or bacon-flavored lip balm can be purchased.