Oldenburgisches Staatstheater
A New Heart for the Largest Stage in the Northwest
ASC Integrates adunas Stage Management System

The Oldenburgisches Staatstheater is the oldest theater in Oldenburg, but has always shown a great openness towards contemporary artistic developments. In order to meet the associated increased demands of productions, Amptown Systems Company has installed a new adunas stage management system, an intercom system with 12 intercom stations, a FreeSpeak system, and four belt packs, as well as an expanded video system in the Kleines Haus.

The new stage management system consists of a main console on the stage and three touch panels at strategic positions in the house, such as the sound control room or at the flyman, with correspondingly specific functions. A compact and mobile version of the console with fewer buttons but full functionality can be used during rehearsals in the auditorium. In adunas, interdivisional equipment can be integrated via numerous interfaces and thus directly displayed, monitored, and controlled. The server-client structure allows parallel work in different areas of the Kleines Haus. In addition to 55 wired and four wireless light signals, the house call system is also controlled via adunas. The video system installed includes five cameras, two of them for the total view, one on the portal header, one at the conductor, and a mobile camera in the fly gallery. The 20 × 20 video crossbar used is freely configurable. The video recorder and the eight new monitors can also all be controlled with adunas. The routing of the video signals is done either via the console or the touch panels. The adunas system simplifies complex workflows at the touch of a button. For example, snapshot automation allows current settings to be saved during rehearsals and automatically recalls call lights, call circuits, camera presets, and much more during a performance. A scene indication is also included in the new stage management system.