Olympus Campus Hamburg
An inspiring work environment needs innovative media technology.
ASC equips over 400 rooms with media systems of the highest standard.

Olympus is a global, innovative medical technology company. The EMEA headquarters and Olympus Deutschland GmbH are located in Hamburg and now in a state-of-the-art and sustainably built new building. On 11 floors and a rental area of 38,000m², this offers space for more than 1,200 employees. To promote flexible and hybrid collaboration, Olympus relies on highly efficient media technology and activity-based working.

An inspiring work environment needs innovative media technology. In the new building of the Olympus EMEA headquarters in Hamburg, more than 400 rooms were equipped with media systems of the highest standard. These include different room variants, including training rooms, meeting and conference rooms, an auditorium, and rooms for individual work.
The sustainable and innovative office building is designed for activity-based working and promotes flexible and hybrid collaboration between employees and customers. In addition to a variety of freely selectable spaces, there are also four central areas. A media control system networks the high-quality equipment in the rooms into one system. In addition, digital transmission of audio and video signals is made possible via a digital media system. Each bookable room is equipped with a touch panel that provides important room booking details at a glance. Tablets with a control app implement the customer’s wish for mobile operation of the media systems. Free movement in the room and simultaneous control of the media systems are thus possible without restriction.
A fully comprehensive service support is guaranteed by the intelligent real-time device monitoring with data acquisition and reporting. The current status of the media technology system is clearly displayed. Thus, irregularities in the system can be reacted to at an early stage.
Following the handover of the office space, training areas of the Olympus Medical Training Center were also equipped with innovative media technology. This includes an innovative presentation tool. Here, employees and customers can experience medical technology in theory and practice. Other special rooms such as the central exchange areas, the auditorium and a workshop area were also equipped with high-quality media technology.
In order to be able to use the complex system solutions effectively, Olympus employees received extensive training on how to use the technology in the various rooms.

Whether areas for collaboration or variable conference areas – by means of innovative AV media technology, a future-oriented working environment was created that fully supports the collaborative approach to work at Olympus.