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Saarland University, based in Saarbrücken and Homburg, focuses on promising areas, such as information technology, high-tech materials and the development of new medical active ingredients. Amptown System Company, the systems vendor for media technology, installed, integrated and commissioned high-quality media technology in the lecture hall and the microscope room in the newly constructed pharmaceutical studies building on the Saarbrücken campus.  Two compact and bright 1-chip DLP laser projectors with high brightness and excellent image quality were installed in the lecture hall. The larger one is used when the three sliding whiteboards in the hall are not in use, and the smaller one is used in addition to the whiteboards. Audio is broadcast over flown loudspeakers next to the boards. The mobile lectern is a custom-made product designed by ASC. The lockable desk houses all the technology that the lecturer himself can operate. In addition to a laptop connection and an LCD viewing display, four digital wireless microphones, including charging stations and receivers, are housed in the desk. There are also two permanently installed gooseneck microphones. All of the media technology in the room can be controlled via a touch panel. There are two positions in the hall for the mobile lectern. The technology in the desk is connected to one of the two floor outlet boxes – and thus to the system – via a Harting connection. ASC also installed media technology in the new microscope room, including smart signage displays and a DLP laser projector. Gooseneck microphones, desk connection panels and a touch panel were integrated into the laboratory furniture for the lecturer. An AV-over-IP solution routes, distributes and manages all signals in both rooms and a direct line to the projector ensures the transmission of video signals should the streaming network fail.