Staatsoper Berlin
Big Appearance Behind the Scenes

From Bang to Heartbeats – We Make Emotions Audible
Opened early, destroyed, renovated for years, then closed again. The first freestanding opera house in Germany on the boulevard “Unter den Linden” has a long and moving history. On December 7, 2017, a new season in the “Linden Opera” could finally be started – with a fresh shine and excellent acoustics. The technical solutions of Amptown System Company were a decisive factor in this.

The highly complex general maintenance included the renewal of the audiovisual media and stage technology – challenges that ASC faced together with Salzbrenner Media. As part of the working group, the ASC experts were responsible for the video and sound reinforcement systems, IT networks, and, as the ARGE leader, for project management. After increasing the hall volume by 40 percent and creating a reverberating gallery, the ASC specialists implemented a flexible concept for every conceivable sound reinforcement scenario – unobtrusively integrated for the finest sound even from backstage. The integrated 3D audio system enables directional effects to be controlled interactively. In addition, the modern digital wireless microphone system continuously scans the frequency spectrum, calculates the setup automatically, and thus ensures trouble-free operation.

The video system is characterized by a nearly latency-free transmission of the signals and the use of special monitors with OLED technology. With their “absolute black” feature, these displays prevent a dark-gray flicker from remaining visible during a scenic blackout. The fiber-optic infrastructure installed by ASC ensures loss-free transmission of the RF signals throughout the building.