Stadthalle Tuttlingen
Challenge Accepted
We Retrofit and Upgrade and Even Build Bridges
ince its opening in 2002, Stadthalle Tuttlingen has been one of the most modern cultural and congress centers in the southwest of the country. In order to be able to operate in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner, it was decided to switch the complete indoor and outdoor lighting to LEDs. The Frankfurt branch of Amptown System Company undertook the complete conversion of the total of 1,900 interior and exterior lighting fixtures, as well as the retrofit conversions and the optimization and integration of the various and complex control systems. The most important decision criterion was dimmability. A clean dimming behavior allows emotions to fade away instead of ending abruptly. The 250 luminaires installed in the hall come from ETC’s ArcSystem series and feature “fade-to-warm” technology, which gives the light source the dimming behavior of light bulbs and can be dimmed from one hundred percent to zero percent. The refurbishment of the hall lighting was carried out within ten weeks during the 2019 summer break. 60 percent of energy will be saved on interior lighting and 70 percent on exterior lighting. The retrofit conversions of the existing designer luminaires required a lot of “research work” by ASC’s specialists. After a one-to-one replacement of the light sources in the small hall, the number of existing luminaires was too small for satisfactory illumination. To compensate for the inadequate coverage, additional LED rails were installed, which also make the light for conferences whiter to counteract eye fatigue when reading texts. Stadthalle Tuttlingen used nine different protocols for lighting control. Combining these protocols is a real challenge. Amptown has its own lighting engineers and KNX programmers and can therefore build an important bridge between building and event technology. Now easy-to-use panels are used and tablets provide mobile, flexible, and intuitive control of the hall lighting.