System Competence for the Capital City
Twenty years of Amptown System Company in Berlin
Media technology and craftsmanship at the highest available level
Amptown System Company, with its headquarters in Hamburg, founded its first branch office in Berlin in 2001 with one sole aim: “The proximity to our customers has always been a hallmark of quality for us,” says ASC Managing Director Malte Polli-Holstein. “It was therefore clear that we should expand our business primarily through the addition of new locations. The decision to pick Berlin as the location for our first branch office was an obvious choice – it’s a city that represents culture, art, business, and public institutions. All these institutions require media and network technology of the highest available conceptual and technical quality.” Over the past 20 years, ASC’s Berlin branch has earned itself a name as a sought-after provider for comprehensive system consultation and implementation of a variety of different projects in the fields of video, audio, and conference technology as well as networks. Its roster of clients include the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden (Berlin State Opera), the Konzerthaus Berlin (Berlin Concert Hall), the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum, and numerous government institutions and ministries. The reason behind ASC’s success in Berlin lies, among other things, in the uncompromising craftsmanship that benefits all customer projects and the broad and in-depth expertise gained by the ASC brand over several years, a strength which the Berlin branch can also tap into at any time. The already mentioned proximity to customer builds upon this foundation – since 2016, the ASC branch office in Berlin, with its 15 employees, is located in the heart of the Tiergarten district of the city, a stone’s throw away from the majority of ASC’s customers and projects. “The location has not only had a positive impact on our service quality but also enables us to quickly and easily implement complex projects,” says Malte Polli-Holstein. The integration of new technologies and the development of new fields of application are among ASC Berlin’s key competencies, making the company a coveted partner for pioneering and innovative project implementations. In the future, not just the Berlin location, but ASC as a whole, will focus on further strengthening its service segment in the overall portfolio. Martin Polli-Holstein: “In the future, we will further expand our offer of user-centric service and maintenance modules and operator concepts, complementing our definition of customer proximity with yet another valuable feature.”