Thalia Theater Hamburg
A Quick Media Change
adunas Is the New Secret Star of Grandiose Productions
The Thalia Theater is one of the three Hamburg state theaters. The straight theater stage has a permanent, much praised ensemble, and seats about 1,000 spectators. After an intensive planning phase, the outdated and thus failure-prone stage-management system was to be replaced by a new system that was ready for the future. Due to the tight performance schedule, the installation had to be accomplished during the summer break. There were only four weeks without plays available for this project.

The design of the console was to be based on the old design, but meet the increased requirements with regard to programmability, configurability, and operation. The solution: adunas. A powerful, flexible, and real-time-capable stage-management system that is individually configured from Beckhoff industrial components and thus offers maximum variety and flexibility, as well as operational safety and reliability. adunas provides a wide range of input and output options that cover all conceivable interfaces in the theater, here, more than 100 light signs, some of which can now be controlled via DMX and adjusted in terms of color and brightness. Displays show scene numbers or names and a time code. Even controlling the router distribution of video signals is no problem with adunas. A video signal for the sound control room can be provided in a staging related way to achieve visual contact with an artist. Performances can even be recorded. An innovation that has found its way into the Thalia Theater with adunas is scene control or the saving of a stage production. The automation mechanisms include the saving of the console configuration in relation to the stage production, the preselection of calls, monitor levels, and scene control – which determines, among other things, the camera selection with direction and zoom, video monitor occupancy, and light sign preselection. They are an enormous relief for the stage manager.