Theater Bielefeld
We Know the Backstage Secret of Pleased Stage Managers
The Staging of Maximum Flexibility

Since its opening in 1904, the Theater Bielefeld has been the cultural center of East Westphalia with over 600 performances per season. The existing stage-management system was no longer able to meet the increased demands for complexity and speed, so the decision was made to completely renew it in 2017. The introduction of the adunas stage-management system was immediately met with great enthusiasm, because it allows stage managers to work in a more carefree and concentrated manner without having to abandon familiar procedures and conventional input and output methods.

The adunas system individually expands the range of functions of the trade-spanning control tasks and is able to react adaptively to changing needs. In this case, it means that once the adunas system has been installed, third-party components such as the sound system or the video system can be seamlessly integrated and communicate with each other without any trouble. For the Theater Bielefeld, the height-adjustable console was equipped with 16 light sign groups and 16 freely assignable LCD buttons, three camera controls, the control of a video router, and snapshot automation. adunas operates 56 light signs including an acknowledgement function and three house call groups. The audio system of the rehearsal facility is also controlled via the console with eight inputs and two outputs. The lighting can be controlled individually as required.

The installation of a networked media control system is a challenge that becomes even bigger if it has to be accomplished during running operations. In Bielefeld, the installation was implemented within four days. To get familiar with the new console, the stage managers had adunas in the house several weeks before the installation. This way, they were able to do setups and save scenes to tie in seamlessly. Due to the very tight time frame for the installation, the experts from Amptown did an excellent job of preparation. Every single cable was known beforehand. The installation went smoothly and half an hour before the deadline, the last tests were successfully completed, and the first show with adunas was performed on the very same evening.