Theater Vanemuine Tartu

Face-Lift for Estonia’s Oldest Theater
We Give the Complete Media Technology a Makeover
The Vanemuine Theater in the Estonian city of Tartu, together with three associated buildings, forms the only three-genre theater in the country. The venues hold between 300 and 1,000 spectators. During the renovation of the theater, Amptown System Company modernized the scenic lighting as well as the sound reinforcement and stage-management technology. The state-of-the-art equipment fully meets the range of artistic productions and is sustainably oriented towards the future.

Two stage manager consoles with the powerful adunas media control system, which has real-time capability, were implemented. The large main console offers the greatest ease of use in terms of programmability and configuration. All control functions are implemented via two built-in adunas touch panels. Furthermore, it also controls the most important lighting circuits in front of and under the stage and in the galleries. The lighting control consoles and the stage management system are cross-linked. A second, smaller mobile stage-management console is equipped with a touch display and offers more or less the same functions. It is used for rehearsals.

For the main sound system in the Vanemuine Theater, powerful components consisting of line arrays and subwoofers in cardioid arrangement are used. A two-part central cluster covers the orchestra and the balcony. Monitoring on stage is done by two beam steering speakers. An additional 48 compact but powerful units are used for front fill, under balcony fill, effects, and surround applications in the hall. The audio network of the Vanemuine Theater has more than 700 inputs. Any number of interfaces can be switched on and off as required using software. The ensemble can thus also use its mobile equipment at other locations while on tour.

In cooperation with the consultant, ASC developed a comprehensive redundant audio/video fiber-optic system for the Vanemuine Theater.