Volksbühne Berlin
Innovative Upgrade for an Unfettered Creative Mind
ASC Installs Audio and Network Technology

The Volksbühne is one of the most traditional theaters in Berlin. Since its founding, it has held a special position in cultural life. The boundaries of modern performances are constantly being redefined, also in terms of space. Innovative productions have high expectations of the technical possibilities of a theater. In order to provide the necessary flexibility for creativity, investments have been made in state-of-the-art technical equipment. The most innovative technologies are used and were completely installed by the Berlin branch of Amptown System Company.

The structural conditions of the Volksbühne often pose a technical challenge for productions. The last refurbishment included an upgrade of the d&b audio technology that had been in use in the auditorium for years. Now, V-Series loudspeakers with array processing, A-Series speakers, and a horizontal V-SUB array in the portal bridge are used. Since contemporary productions often play throughout the entire hall and also the adjoining rooms, complex signal routing is required. The already-installed NEXUS network from Stage Tec was therefore renewed and supplemented, and the existing CANTUS console was exchanged for the new IP-based AVATUS console. This way, the entire house becomes a stage. A new LAN and DANTE network, as well as a new data infrastructure based on copper and fiber optics were set up. An existing passive fiber-optic network was retained for individual audio or video signals, as was an analog audio and video network still used by surveillance cameras, for example. The additional video technology also underwent an update. An active 12G-SDI video matrix with 96 × 96 crosspoints and almost 100 decentralized 12G-SDI converters are used. Existing offset boxes at the Volksbühne were qualitatively improved, rebuilt, and expanded by ASC. In addition, 30 new offset boxes were added. For the new cable network, a total of 18,000 meters of cables and conduits, various cable trays, pipes, and other installation systems were installed in the building.